Use Cases

Prescriptive Maintenance

By enhancing ServiceNow, assets in operation initiate necessary maintenance actions by recommending appropriate strategies and work orders.

Predictive Maintenance

Machine learning supports predictive maintenance strategies for technical systems.

Image Recognition for Spare Parts

Our tools make it possible to identify spare parts by processing images with machine learning. We linked functionality with ServiceNow to support customer service management, asset management & field service.

Image Recognition for Error Messages

An automatic analysis of error messages accelerates the search for solutions and optimizes the customer service management.

AI Booster for Mobility Transformation

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) makes the mobility of the future easier, more comfortable, more efficient and safer.

IoT in Food Production

Boosting I4.0 into a new era for food production ends inefficiency and helps you to become connected & predictive.

Condition Monitoring

Impedance sensors & analytics boosts machine applications and enable machine and process reliability with one solution.